About Truth Tracker

Truth Tracker offers an in-depth look at Pakistan’s governance following the 2013 general elections.

The site has four goals:

1. We track the promises made by politicians and parties during the national election campaign of 2013, to hold them accountable on the fulfillment of these promises. See our explanation of the progress of promises.

2. We fact-check statements made by and about public figures in politics and governance at all levels, to check the spread of rumors and falsehood and to give credit for truthful statements. See our explanation of the rulings.

3. We give citizens a way to directly question the words and actions of their elected representatives, by providing a forum for requests, comments and queries. Comment on any post, or submit a question to us on the Contact page, via Twitter, or on Facebook.

4. We offer a model of professional public service reporting to help improve the quality of Pakistani journalism.

Truth Tracker is being developed by a team of 60 Pakistani journalists in collaboration with UPI Next, the media development division of United Press International, and its local project partner Intermedia Pakistan.

Articles here may be reprinted with permission and credit to TruthTracker. Please contact us for details.

Some content on this site is republished from the work of our pre-election team on the PakPolWiki, a resource of background information about the elections. Articles on PakPolWiki are available freely under a Creative Commons license.

As the site grows, we will allow other professional contributors to join in creating and verifying the content.

Editor’s note: We elected to follow the Guardian online style guide.

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